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Customizing financial and logistics processes in SAP ERP

Dr. Martinek Péter (ETT)
Kiss Beáta (BSc degree, computer science and engineering programme, 2012-2013 Spring)

Development of online customer segmenting CRM module and an iOs client

Dr. Martinek Péter (ETT)
Horváth-Dori Károly (MSc degree, business information systems programme, 2015-2016 Spring)

Implementation of an on-demand enterprise trading application on SOA platform

Dr. Martinek Péter (ETT)
Kovács Alexandra Éva (BSc degree, computer science and engineering programme, 2014-2015 Spring)

Investigating tin whiskers on different surface finishes

Dr. Illés Balázs György (ETT)
Lipák Balázs (MSc degree, electrical engineering programme, 2011-2012 Spring)

Optimized production capacity planning of automotive products

Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert (ETT)
Mészáros András (MSc degree, electrical engineering programme, 2012-2013 Spring)

Solderability tests of tin coatings

Dr. Molnár László Milán (ETT)
Németh Gergely (MSc degree, electrical engineering programme, 2010-2011 Spring)

Enhancement of On-line Sales Force Automation System in SME Environment

Dr. Szikora Béla (ETT)
Varga Viktor (BSc degree, computer science and engineering programme, 2010-2011 Spring)

Generation and optimization of summary tables for ad-hoc data mart queries in Oracle 11g

Dr. Martinek Péter (ETT)
Ableda Péter (BSc degree, computer science and engineering programme, 2011-2012 Autumn)

Development of PDMS based microfluidic systems

Dr. Bonyár Attila (ETT)
Charalambous Dafni (MSc degree, biomedical engineering programme, 2017-2018 Autumn)

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