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Design and build the control unit of a biological sample preparatory system

Dr. Sántha Hunor (ETT)
Gerecs András (5-grade degree, electrical engineering programme, 2010-2011 Spring)

Design of an ECG tester device

Dr. Sántha Hunor (ETT)
Greiner László Antal (MSc degree, electrical engineering programme, 2010-2011 Autumn)

Design of a microfluidic disc

Dr. Sántha Hunor (ETT)
Bodonyi Ádám (MSc degree, biomedical engineering programme, 2015-2016 Spring)

Development of a microfluidic disc based Point of Care method

Dr. Sántha Hunor (ETT)
Laszli Adrienn (MSc degree, biomedical engineering programme, 2016-2017 Autumn)

Lab-on-a-disc technology development

Dr. Sántha Hunor (ETT)
Bebrevszky Jordán (MSc degree, biomedical engineering programme, 2017-2018 Autumn)