0-24 video broadcast automation and program production system development

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Dr. Magyar Gábor Béla
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Most television studios have their own channel where their contents are broadcasted. These organizations uses various broadcast automation and program production systems to achieve this constant content. At national television channels these systems are very complex and expensive, but smaller studios have their solutions for this problem.

The Budavári Schönherz Stúdió is a small university studio, maintained by university students. The studio has a live production every week and recently a weekly program started, which is pre-recorded and scheduled periodically. Starting this scheduled program every weeks could be automated, and then it would not need any human interactions.

During my thesis I mention some of the best broadcast automation softwares currently available on the market. I present the needs of the studio, then I created the specification of the optimal software for the studio.

In this thesis I show the whole procedure of the planning and implementation the software with various diagrams and examples, highlighting the content generator algorithm which creates content for periods when there is no live production or scheduled video.

After the implementation I present the test cases I used to test the working solution and I provide a short manual how to operate with the software. I close my thesis with some ideas for the improvement for the system I developed.


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