Simulator for type 1 diabetes models

OData support
Dr. Drexler Dániel András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, diabetes represents one of the dominant diseases of our world, and named by the World Health Organization as the “disease of the future”. Every twentieth man in the world suffers from diabetes mellitus. The malady causes significant human and economic strain both around the world and in our country. Statistics of the health organizations show that the number of people affected is growing year by year. To make matters worse, currently there is no known cure, the sickness can only be treated. I have first met with the framework developed by the biomedical group of the BME IIT during Project Laboratory. The complexity and the research challenges of the problem attracted me to choose it for my diploma thesis topic. First I review the history of diabetes, its symptoms, treatment and prevention possibilities. The emphasis is on the Type 1 diabetes. Following this, the used diabetes models will be presented. In the second part of the paper I review the general structure of the framework, and its implementation under MATLAB-SIMULINK, then I characterize each of the parts in more detail. This is followed by the implementation of the previously presented 3 models (Bergman, Hovorka, Sörensen). The steps of the planning and execution are laid out on the Bergman-model. I implement an LQ regulator, and test the controller’s validity on real data. The line is ended with the possible improvements and the future outlook.


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