2D game framework development on Android

OData support
Dr. Tóth Balázs György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

When I started the University I was interested in software development. Over the years my interests culminated in game development, so I chose it as my thesis’ subject. In these days the most popular – and available – platforms are the computers and mobile devices, which is why I chose to compare development on them.

For comparing I implemented a simple labyrinth game, first for computer, then for mobile device. Because most of today’s mobiles uses Android, I used JAVA while programing, making the comparison easier. I wanted to examine if using engine makes programing faster and easier. For testing this, I didn’t use any kind of engine while implementing the code for computers, and I used AndEngine GLES2 Anchor Center branch for the Android platform, which is the latest version of AndEngine.

In today’s accelerated world people have less and less time to spend at once, so we prefer simple, casual games which can be interrupted almost anytime. This is particularly true among mobile phones and tablets. My sample game is trying to met these expectations, even using mobile or computer.


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