Implementing a 2D casual game with Android services

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My goal during the semester was to create an application, which runs under the widely used Android operating system and takes advantage of all hardware and software options provided by the platform. Using the available services I created an „endless running” game with simple graphic elements and modern game features. To perform this task I had several options, finally I chose the libGDX multiplatform game development tool, because you only need to invest a few extra effort, and the basic game features are available for different platforms, too.

The first step of the implementation was learning about the game development tool. I examined the structure of the projects generated by the tool, the main classes and functions, which I worked with during the semester. I got to know the utilities too, that are provided to the developers by the development framework, to facilitate the development process. After I examinated the framework and the utilities, I started the implementation of the simple functions that are available for all the selected platforms.

The implementation of the complex functions like multiplayer, achievements or leaderboards begun with studying the sample projects, that can be downloaded with the Android SDK. These functions can be accessed through Google’s services, so I registered on the Developer Console, created and allowed the services for the application. I added the required libraries to my projects and used the keys, recieved on creation of the services and needed to access them. After the implementation of the proper interfaces, I gave alpha testers to the application and tested each function and the services provided by Google.


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