Implementing a 3D game with animated characters for Android

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Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Thanks to the advanced smart phones, developers create better and better games these days for every operating systems. It seems like there is really a need for these games, because a lot of people plays with them when they are traveling or not doing anything. Thats why I have chosen this topic for my thesis, because I want to get some insight into the process of these kind of games development. My goal during the semester was to develope a game containing 3D elements. Because Android is one of the most popular operating systems, I have choosen this as my paltform of development. This game’s goal is to create a virtual pet at the beginning. After that the player has to take care of the finished creature, with different interactions (play, feed, etc.). If we don’t play with him for a longer time, our virtual pet dies and we have to create a new one. There are several similar games for Android but most of them is only in 2D. Thats why my game is created in 3D environment so this way it can use the possibilities of the advanced phones. The game development and creation of graphical elements are already time consuming tasks, so in my project I am not dealing with the mobile platform specific tasks (ie. sharing content in social pages, other network functions). At the first part in my thesis I will introduce how i started the development. I will show the environments I examined before I started the implementation. These days we can choose from several environments if it is about mobile game development so I will only show the details of those which one I considered a good starting point. After that I will write some more details about the final developing environment and give a detailed introduction about the process of development, planing thoughts and problems that came up during the writing of this program. In the end I will make a summary about the finished program, and give some insights about my future plans with the game.


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