3D user interface in smart home

OData support
Dr. Zainkó Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In todays world it is more and more frequent having intelligent devices in the home, and with those rose the demand to have a simple, centralized control over all of them. Smart Home Systems design is a non-trivial task, this thesis intents to create a group of modules that are able to demonstrate a working sample.The realized system contains a central module and different input and output interfaces, with which the user can manipulate the intelligent environment around them.

The peculiarity of this design is that the input is controlled by the Kinect device. The user is able to solely control the intelligent devices by the movement / gestures of his arms and legs, just as gaining information about them. The recognition of gestures and the following definition and personalization of them is also part of the work.

The feedback is provided by the physical devices and the virtualized home. The functionality of the system can be demonstrated by connecting to the web interface of the smart home provided by the professorship.


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