3D Painting in Direct3D

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Computer generated imagery is an important part of today's media such as the game and the movie industry, advertising. Three dimensional models and their realistic or stylistic representation are central elements of computer graphics.

In both cases the triangulated surface of the model and the texture associated with it are the main parts of creating new shapes. Texturing can be done in multiple ways like two dimensional applications e.g. Adobe's Photoshop but the more popular approach is the use of spatial painting programs. They provide visual feedback speeding up and making the process of creating new 3D shapes more interactive. It also solves the problem of 2D to 3D transformational distortion.

Investigating the possibilities of this method I implemented an application in this subject using the Direct3D API and touching upon the creation of a graphical user interface. I review the painting algorithm, the architecture of the program and the GUI's features and characteristics. Lastly I evaluate the finished application, it's limits and suggest possible improvements.


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