3D Image Processing on NI FPGA Platform

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The 3D imaging on NI FPGA platform

My task during my Diplomthesis was to produce an image processing system on NI FPGA platform. I have designed the units with the help of the technical modules in the Xilinx ISE development environment. My motivation was, that the focus of the video's imaging tasks turn to the real 3D imaging. The NI FPGA platform with high-performance processing units and high-bandwidth memory modules offers the resolution for this task.

It was successed to create an FPGA configuration, which is able to use one camera realtime with CameraLink interface. The finished system is able to capture frames, which are 3 dimensional with special red-cyan glasses.

The system control and system manager functions are performed by Microblaze softcore processor unit. The frames, which are coming from CB-140 PMCL camera (that I used during the development process), are wrote in a DDR2 memory module. The memory is controlled by Xilinx developed MPMC (Multi Port Memory Controller). The system visualizes the frames on a DVI monitor with resolution 640*480. The XPS TFT IP controls the monitor during the process.

I use furthermore the now described modules some other hardware and software unit to solve the movements of the data in the intra-circuit.


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