Programming of a 3D laser scanner display module

OData support
Dr. Kovács Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis is connected to the 3D laser scanner operating at the department. This tool can map the shape of an object and create a computer model of it. The project has been running for years, several students have successfully implemented multiple functions, some of which has demonstrated the applicability of this technology in production environment. Nevertheless, there are still unexploited opportunities in the hardware and further tasks in the project waiting for implementation.

One such task is to create a display module designed for the device. Its purpose is to provide a convenient and instantly accessible interface for the user. The interface's role is to give real-time feedback on the scanner's internal status and allow basic interactions directly without the need for using a computer connected to the system. This requires continuous communication with the microcontroller which is responsible for controlling the motors, the peripheral devices and maintaining contact with the computer.

The display panel's hardware has already been built. However, until now it was never tested and had no software implemented for it. I was tasked with the following three things. Fully review the hardware and make small alternations to fix any problems if necessary. Designing the final user surface based on a previous concept-level draft. In addition to these, implementing the final software that provides a graphical user interface, handles user input, and ensures stable and reliable communication with the other microcontroller in the system.


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