3D rendering, usage of sensors, and the limitations of porting Java applications to Android platform

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The smartphones of today has the performance of a few year old personal computer. Unbelievable but this resource fits in our pocket in a mobile size device. The graphic chips and sensors integrated into a mobile device are carrying new potentials and possibilities changing the direction of computer games development. With the help of motion sensors interactive games can be controlled as the player would be part of the virtual space.

In my thesis I’m reviewing the possibilities of utilization of these resources and demonstrating the capabilities of mobile hardware through the development of an own mobile application, which is a mobile game. The application has been developed for about a year and was now converted to mobile environment. Reaching the proper performance was a great challenge due to the characteristics of Java development.

My goal was also to evaluate if Java is suitable for graphic application development. I would like to demonstrate with my thesis, that development of such an application is possible not only on PC but also on Android Platform even without the usage of native code.


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