Procedural generation of 3D models

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Rajacsics Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The topic of my thesis is 3D procedural generation, the subtopic is procedural generation of trees. In this paper I discuss the matters of realistic tree generation in computer graphics.

At the beginning I summarize my personal motivation, the explanation of the task and the structure of the thesis. In the following chapters firstly I write about the history of procedural generation and its techniques in brief, finally I clarify the main concepts of tree generation in theory.

Within the confines of my thesis I have implemented an application that is capable of generating realistic-looking trees. In the paper I discuss the approaches that may be engaged when creating realistic trees using algorithms and describe the details of the realization of the application. Hence the following chapters iclude architectural, algorithmic and implementational particulars at greater length.

The thesis ends with a summary of the achieved results and a discussion of further possibilities concerning the project.


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