3D modelling method combinig range and intensity sensors

OData support
Dr. Vajta László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

There are several methods for creating 3D models. The usability of a method for an application depends on the requirements of the specific application. 3D Laser Scanners are expensive devices and computational resources needed to manipulate models created by scanners are also expensive. There is a need for a modeling method and a device that is able to create 3D models in a cost efficient way with some limitations in the model. The thesis introduces a modeling method inspired by an algorithm used in the Google Street View application. During the recording of a Google Street View model a dense pointcloud is taken and later this pointcloud is used to create a simplifed model containing only the essential parts of the model. The introduced method is based on a simple idea. Instead of taking a dense pointcloud and later simplifying it. The method takes a picture and uses this picture to determine which points should be used to create a 3D model. After this step, a depth sensor measures the depth of the selected points on the picture. By using these points the algorithm builds 3D models made of planes. The thesis introduces the basics of 3D point measuring techniques and some other methods used to build planar 3D models. In the third section a method described earlier is explained. In the last section the method is compared to other models. The basis of comparison is speed and cost effectiveness.


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