Contour rendering of 3D objects using active contours

OData support
Dr. Umenhoffer Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Contouring plays an important role in two areas of computer sciences. One of these is animation where the result does not always need to be computed fast, because the main focus is the aesthetic values. The other area is controlling automated units where the performance plays the most important part. In this case the boundaries of the objects have to be computed as fast and as correct as possible regarding the actual look of the result.

In this project I was investigating processes which might combine the requirements explained above. The aim of this thesis is to find a fast computable, smooth contour line which can be textured and parameterized in order to produce a real-time animation with aesthetic result.

The classical object space based and image space based algorithms do not meet the requirements for several reasons. While the first method produces a magnificent outcome it needs a highly complicated object processing mechanism. The latter method on the other hand can be computed in a short period of time, but it does not produce imposing contour lines on which no textures can be applied.

After critical evaluation of the previous processes this thesis is based on another kind of algorithm to achieve the objectives. The method used is Active Contours which was first introduced by Michael Kass, Andrew Witkin and Demetri Terzopoulos in 1988.


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