Development of a 3D Simulator and Monitor Application for the RobonAUT Contest

OData support
Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

BME's Automation and Applied IT faculty has been organizing the RobonAUT competition since 2010. Students from the "Robotics control systems engineering" class can enter the competition in groups of three. The goal of the competition is to transform a remote-controlled toy car into an autonomous vehicle, with the ability to finish the given year's obstacle course. The robot's main task to follow the special leading line. Along this line there are obstacles.

The thesis contains the necessary steps to complete the autonomous robot based on the competition's regulations. These are the following: the selection of the parts, the designing of the hardware, and the writing of the embedded software. Along with the actual car, the complete race has to be created on a 3D robotics simulation environment. This means that in the thesis we will find information on the virtual car, the applied sensors, as well as the modelling of the obstacles. Finally, a graphical user interface with the ability to display the robot's parameters will be presented as well.


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