3D Scanner UI development

OData support
Dr. Kovács Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the world of computer graphics every workflow has an essential part, which cannot be circumvented. This is the part, when the objects are being created, depending on the shape of the object this task can be very time consuming. For this reason were three-dimensional scanners created. The Budapest University of Technology has such a device, which uses a laser, a rotating table and a camera to bring our everyday objects into the virtual space.

One of my tasks was to understand how this system works. We use the camera to take pictures of the laser-illuminated object, and then we analyze these pictures to get a slice of the object. While the object is being rotated a lot of slices are created which together, ideally, forms into our familiar object virtual version.

The programs interface wasn’t easy to use for an ordinary user, finding some of the features proved to be hard or time-consuming, so by transforming it the user could get a more ergonomic interface to use. I also made other modifications to speed up the user experience.

Then I made it possible that the user can modify, save and load all the settings, which now can be accessed in a single window.

Finally, I expanded the programs functionality by implementing several procedures with which the created object can be modified in a variety of ways, and I developed a system which can store all these transformations unified.


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