Nesting of a 3D Scanner to Road Defense System Measurement Module

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the development of the national-level systems and the upgrade of their functionality are very important tasks. The purpose of the Road Defense System ordered by the Magyar Közút Non-profit Ltd. is to help with the tracking of the national heavy traffic and route licensing. One part of this system is the Measuringstation module which is responsible for measuring the data from the incoming vehicles using the available tools.

The aim of this Thesis is to install a Voltra Multisens-3D scanner into the Measuringstation module, which serves the automatic measurement of a vehicle’s dimensions. By the automation of the measuring process the job of the station’s workers can be greatly accelerated and facilitated.

The first part of the thesis contains the description of the most relevant properties and operations of the device and the module, followed by a detailed description of the implementation process of the communication. Lastly, the development of a software required for testing the completed solution, which is capable of simulating the scanners functions and the testing itself gets documented.

The greatest advantage of the task is that by creating a solution, i can gain insight into a complex system’s structure, the processes of it’s development and help with the earliest completion of the project.


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