3D video acquisition

OData support
Kovács Imre Dr.
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In this thesis, I have examined the operation, production and display of the increasingly widespread 3D moving picture technology.

I deal with the components of the human stereoscopic vision, the available monocular and binocular depth perception cues, and the issues of 3D content capture and display.

I present the display and projection methods, which are capable to induce the sense of depth. The main task of 3D displaying is to display offset images that are filtered separately to the users left and right eye. To ensure this, there are solutions with and without glasses.

Then I present the formats and coding methods of 3D content storage, transmission and display. 3D content means twofold amount of data, but certain formats are compatible with legacy devices, with the loss of resolution.

Then I present the methods of stereo content acquisition. Big productions use two cameras mainly, but there are integrated twin lens camcorders and CGI solutions also.

Finally I present the workflow and equipments of 3D movie making and live productions, through the product line of different companies. The more advanced equipments and softwares are intended to reduce operation time, and help the workflow remain quick and simple.

The purpose of this thesis is to provide the reader a comprehensive insight of the operation and possibilities of the 3D technology.


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