Investigation of QoE for 3D video-streams expressed in time on different display devices

OData support
Kulik Ivett
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Although the first 3D film was released in 1953 it became widespread only in the past years. The popularity of 3D films increased massively and has been increasing up to now. It is very likely, that within some years we can watch 3D films not only in cinemas but online, at home as well. Obviously it means a challenge to Internet access providers, because to achieve a proper quality on the user side it is not enough to ensure Internet compatible quality of service ( QoS), the Quality of Experience (QoE) is also inevitable to be guaranteed.

The main goal of my thesis is to examine the correlation between QoS and QoE expressed in time. And also to determine to which extant types of display devices play role in it.

In my thesis the concept of QoS and QoE and their mutual correlation will be cleared and explained the basis of several technical literature forces.

In order to define the exact correlation between QoS and QoE video extracts with different QoS parameters were shown to participants. These videos with different length and QoS parameters were displayed on 3D monitors and 3D based tablets. The quality of experience of 3D videos were tested both with subjective and objective quality measure methods. And the results of these tests were compared with each other.

The results were elaborated with IBM SPSS program mainly focusing on the changes of QoS –QoE correlation expressed in time. The achieved results could be used and serve as a basis for further quality experience investigations.


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