Demonstration of 3D interface design with a novel control tool

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Dr. Zainkó Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My thesis topic is the development of a 3D demonstration user interface using the Microsoft Kinect device. Kinect enables the development of natural user interaction based user interfaces whose capabilities are far beyond the current (affordable) opportunities offered by motion detection based devices.

During my literature research work, I reviewed the currently available innovative user interfaces and the Kinect device capabilities. Studying the already available Kinect applications, I have gained insight on what kind of application control would be practical based on Kinect’s implementation and what kind of new opportunities could the spatial data input provide for the users.

Following this, I present the possibilities of the OpenNI software development kit, with the help of which we can create natural user interaction based on Kinect applications. I have analyzed the architecture of framework, and I have developed some test applications in order to measure the various kinds of movement tracking possibilities and accuracy.

Not long after that, Microsoft has published the official Kinect software development kit, which I have compared to OpenNI’s solution.

During my project, I have designed and implemented a 3D user interface framework, into which I have programmed interfaces for spatial control, speech control and speech synthesis, and I have implemented some user interface components as well. I chose Microsoft Kinect software development kit for installing the spatial control. For speech generation, I have implemented Microsoft Speech technology and the server-side solution for speech based control and synthesis, developed by the Department of TMIT speech research group. This framework provides the basis of my demonstration user interface.

I chose the implementation of a spatial sculpture and painting application as my demonstration user interface, with the help of which I present the new kinds of possibilities of using the controller. The spatial data input and visualization introduce new potentials for implementing new ideas.


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