Creating 3D curve networks using manual sketches

OData support
Dr. Várady Tamás László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The human visual system is able to understand complex shapes from single images or sketches, even from simple line drawings. Our brain completes the drawing and converts it to 3D model instantly. Design professionals or artist exploit this capability and convey creative information in the form of freeform drawing. This is a familiar and efficient information transfer.

The most natural way of drawing is sketching using a pencil on a paper. Artists use these simple tools extensively and creatively to create complex visual effects.

The primary design goal was to create a computer based user friendly freeform graphical sketching interface with gestures which mimic the experience of drawing on paper as closely as possible.

The used medium is a tablet with touch interface and a digital pen.

The user can sketch on the diplay in a free-form manner. The system infers how those sketch strokes should be added to the drawing. In a way that the result curve network would be easily editable, fair and consistent. Suitable for surfacing and creating 3D model from it.


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