Creating 3D images using liquid lense with adjustable focal lenght, calibration and point cloud combination

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The topic of the upcoming thesis is organized around three-dimensonal image reconstruction methods, related camera calibration methods, and the operation and use of the Liquid Lens Technology. The elaboration of the topic took place at a company, where it was a part of the development process of their digital videomicroscope application. The motivation of doing this task was to refresh my previous knowledge about image structuring and image processing, and to use them in practice. Also, it was my desire to gain experience in using modern technologies of the industry.

During the implementation of the task I worked on a process, which makes Image Stacking technique possible using a liquid lens. The aim of my work was to use this technology with modern image processing algorithms for generating an image, which gives a perfectly focused picture of the field. This function assists the quality inspection of microscopic sized objects. The created depth image furthermore gives the possibility of measuring elements in two- or three-dimensional space. For this I had to make a proper calibration of the camera.

The thesis first presents the relevant methods of creating a three-dimensonal model of small sized objects, then describes the invention and operation of liquid lenses. After that it gives an insight to the implementation of the topic, and reports the results of the calibration process. The thesis is closed by an evaluation of the work.


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