Implementation of 3D-Printer Program for a Self-Designed Device

OData support
Dr. Sütő Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the project the main task was to modify the control software to a self-designed printer tool which can be used for 3D-printing. First task was analyzing the tools which are used to move the machine, the drives and the platform, and comparing it to other similar possibilites which are more economical. Next step was analyzing the program code which was mentioned above in order to which parts of it should have been modified to manage our machine properly. Third step was the creating of the mathematical model which is a generalization of the move and the modifying was based on this. In step forth the evolution of the machine was described, through the prototypes. In step five, a new interface creation had been started with the based on an old one, which will be newer, more unique, more user friendly. In this part the problems with the creating of the new interface were described. In the last step the potential of the modules had been discussed, and the ouccurable problems, and their solutions.


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