Development of a 4 channel CAN protocol converter device

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Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The primary aim of my thesis was to upgrade the FMS Gateway G2 product distributed by Inventure Inc. The main task within the project was to replace the microcontroller inside the device with a more up-to-date one – a microcontroller that has bigger computing capacity and at least three CAN channels. Since there is already one SPI-CAN protocol converter IC on the extension board belonging to the main circuit, the new version of the device has altogether four CAN channels.

In the first part, I compared the products of three companies which produce controllers with the same computing capacity but with different prices. Afterwards, I chose the microcontroller which will be used for the new version of the FMS Gateway G2. During the selection it was a significant aspect that most of the source code used for the current version’s platform layer could be reused when producing the platform layer of the new version.

In the second part, I replaced the microcontroller used up to this point with the new chosen controller. In order to do so, I modified the schematic diagram of the main panel as well as the design of its PCB. Following this, I placed the transceiver circuit belonging to the plus one CAN channel on the extension board. To do so, I had to modify the schematic diagram of the extension board and the design of its PCB as well.

In the third part, based on the current version of the product I created the platform layer belonging to the new microcontroller. In this part, the aim was to create a well-functioning, stable and reliable software layer.

Considering that in the case of products of automotive industry it is of primary importance to test each component thoroughly, as the last part I tested each periphery and the platform codes controlling them. I also measured their performance and documented the results.


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