HW and SW Developent of a 4 rotor helicopter

OData support
Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The thesis gives a detailed documentation of the design and construction of a quadrotor

helicopter model. A comprehensive research was needed to construct the system concept and

to select the appropriate parts for the model. Information gathered is involved in the


The model has a self-made custom designed framework made from epoxy resin with carbon

fiber hardening providing small weight combined with adequate rigidity. The framework can

be disassembled into five parts in order to support easy carriage.

The power is provided by a lithium-polymer battery of 8000 mAh capacity at 11.1 Volt voltage.

This allows about ten minutes of flight length. The rotors are driven by brudhless DC motors

which need three-phase drive. An inverter circuit was built for the motor drive.

For an autonomous flight it is crucial for the model to know its exact position. This condition

calls for a variety of sensors. Some of them are responsible for inertial sensing, others for

discovering the surrounding environment (collision avoidance).

The quadrotor is equipped with a 433 MHz digital radio transceiver to provide a

communication channel for the control commands and also for sending all telemetry data to

the PC in realtime. I also made a transceiver module for the PC-side which connects through


The stability and waypoint control would be implemented on an AVR32 processor, but the PCB

for it has not been finished yet. In case it is designed the model is a ready to fly experimental

appliance with many possibilities for further development.


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