Design and control of a quadrocopter

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Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The modern development of technology has led to the spectacular miniaturization of electronic devices and systems as well as their increased performance and complexity.

These processes allow us for the use of embedded systems, which can control difficult, unstable systems.

My thesis follows the construction of a quadcopter. First I redesigned a helicopter, which can be bought on the market. This quadrotor is the GAUI330X. In the process of modifying the GAUI prototype, I designed mechanical extensions to be able to put extra sensors on the helicopter for autonomous flying. In addition I helped in the testing and controller parameter tuning. My main project is developing a complete quadcopter from the beginning.

The first chapter is a short summary of the whole thesis, including the motivation and its structure. Chapter two is a short literature and market research about the available air vehicles. In chapter three, I summarize the steps, through I helped in the modifying process of GAUI.

Chapter four is about our self made quadcopter. I made some initial design approaches to make it clear, how the structure going to build up. Besides this I made a simple load test, which printable structure is the best for us. This early model is the base of my dynamic model, which is discussed in the next chapter five. I had to make minimal simplifications on the dynamic model to make it possible to use. In chapter six, I finalize the new helicopter's structure and design, while focusing on rapid prototyping. It is important, that every part should be able to manufacture with our 3D printer. Chapter seven deal with the implementation of an external transmitter, an optical flow sensor and minor improvements. In chapter eight, I show a short process about the controller tuning and testing.

Finally I am going to summarize my results and the possibilities of further development.


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