Design and control of a quadrocopter

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Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Robotics is the 21st century’s most popular topic in the case of technologyical development. More and more engineers start to work in this field and reaching bigger and bigger successes. Even in everyday life, more and more people beginning to use these automatic and intelligent systems, for example the automatic parking systems of the cars, automatic doors or a quadrocopter which follows the movement of a person while flying and hovering in the air. These intelligent systems are improving and changing at high speed nowadays and these system will determine the future’s devices. I believe, every research and developmental work has high importance because of that.

In my Msc Thesis Project, I’m going to modify a 4-axial, remote controlled quadrocopter, and I’m going to detail the execution of my sub-objectives of the whole work. The first part of my work was the creation of the speed controller. Working with this device, I learned the different controlling algorhythms and the settings of the parameters. My next objective is the processing of the quadrocopter’s on-board camera’s picture and from that, determining the position of the model. Each objective has an important part of the automatic movement of the quadrocopter, especially the picture-processing because this is the element part of the qaudrocopters localization.


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