Design and control of a quadrocopter

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The main topic of this thesis is a camera system, which can be used for navigation of more quadcopters flying in a swarm. The camera system and the image processing unit are both on the quadcopter, therefore it can fly and navigate relatively to other copters fully autonomously.

The minor topic of the thesis is the communication between a monitoring ground unit and the flying quadcopter. The thesis presents the used hardware and describes the designed protocol. Besides these, it systematically shows the implemented monitoring software with GUI.

After this, the description of the hardware used for the camera system can be read and the reasoning of the chosen hardware.

The thesis shows the mathematical background of the problem, starting from the basic physical equations to the complex mathematical description of a stereoscopic camera system. Furthermore it shows two triangulating algorithms.

The second part of the thesis contains the description of the system. It expounds the designed software, the optimization of it and it describes two marker detection algorithms and analyses their performances relative to each other.

The last part is about testing. It presents the description of the testing and the measurement and their short summary.


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