Designing relay protection of a 400/120 kV substation

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Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The incredible demand for energy is growing continuously, so in the XXI. Century, living conditions would be significantly changed without the electrical energy. In order to guarantee that the energy is delivered in appropriate quality and quantity everywhere, we need power plants and distribution systems. This huge and complex distribution network requires a severe monitoring system. Relay protection are used to minimize time without energy supply and damages caused by system failures. The solutions and functions of protection are continuously renewed by IT development.

In my Thesis work I present features of relay protection of a Hungarian substation, and determine setting values. I demonstrate the mandatory requirements for relay protection system based on the protection guidelines made by MAVIR.

This Thesis aims to show how to set up the necessary settings of a relay protection at a substation. In practice, relay setting programs are used to calculate parameters which require exact engineering background and knowledge.

My selected substation is fictional, but in reality there are substations that have a similar structure. Therefore the data, I got from Pöyry Erőterv ZRt. are used to install the features of the relay protections.


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