Updating of the PLC control of a 4-11-03 Edwards LYOMAX 13 equipment

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Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Master’s Thesis by László Nagy

University supervisor: Dr. László Katona

External supervisor: András Divényi

Department : The Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology


The object of this thesis is to replace the old Siemens Step 5 controller of a Hungarian pharmaceutical company's lyophilization (freeze drying) equipment to a new, modern PLC (Step 7). To achieve this it is essential to understand the lyophilization process, study the old Step 5 program, and to familiarise oneself with the necessary knowledge base. To design and assemble the new PLC configuration is also part of the task, as well as creating the electrical drawings necessary for the replacement. In addition the existing Yokogawa registering device had to be superseded. Furthermore a new, even more flexible recipe handling had to be implemented. The system must be prepared for a full error handling. As a final phase after commissioning the system, it had to be tested and validated in accordance with pharmaceutical industry standards.


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