Simulation modelling of the 4G LTE-EPC protocol stack

OData support
Dr. Bokor László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays the mobile internet traffic is on a steady rise. To cover the current and

future demands of the users, an easily scalable and flat core network is needed, that

provides connectivity between devices connected to the LTE and the PDN (Packet Data

Network). The 4G EPC (Evolved Packet Core) fulfills these requirements. The EPC

ensures IP connectivity for the user devices connected to the LTE base stations. Because

of this the usage of EPC is necessary any time we deploy LTE devices. In this thesis I

first showcase the architecture and functionality of the LTE-EPC. Then I construct

models in using the OMNet++/INET framework. Trough simulations I will observe and

demonstrate the operation of the LTE-EPC connection, in relation to different

applications and network configurations. During this project I become acquainted with

the theoretical background and functionality of the EPC, the possibilities presented by

the INET and SimuLTE model libraries and their modules behavior, and the usage of

the simulation framework, both on a user and a developer level.


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