Design of a 500 kW solar power plant from the concept to the implementation

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the latest decade, the energy policy decisions made by Hungary helped the application of the renewable energy sources become more popular. The regulations of the European Union made it necessary, and the introduction of the Feed-In Tariff System made it \mbox{recoverable} to work on these monumental projects. Because of this monumentality, it is a long way from the acquisition of the field to the operating solar power plant. In the \mbox{preparation}, we need to get license from every public utility and authority, and after this we can think about the conception. In the planning phase, we are testing more scenarios, where we can use a dedicated software, PVsyst, in which we must give every \mbox{parameters} of the power plant, then we can build our 3D model. The simulation with the best yield will get the chance to be planned, and after getting the needed licenses, to be under construction.

In the beginning of my diploma, I am writing about the motivations about the building of the solar power plant, including the regulations of the EU and the Hungarian renewable support system. After this, I will write about the simulations: this is the part, where we get to know if our investment is recoverable, because the report of the simulation shows the yield of our power plant.

The main part of the document is the description of planning methods. I am writing in detail about our viewpoints, along which we get to the implementation phase. In these chapters I am writing about the problems and solutions that we face during the \mbox{construction}.

In the last chapter, I enter one of our final plans parameters in the PVsyst software, so I can show that it will pay off. And without losing in the details, finally I tell the know-how of the process of the construction, then I complete it with photo documentation.


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