Firmware Development for a 6x2 Video Matrix Switcher

OData support
Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the HDMI interface is widely used. You can find it in a simple home theater systems and in professional studios too. If you want to transmit video signals bigger distances, you need to use another solution. The HDBaseT standard gives the opportunity to send uncompressed video data up to 100meters. The video sources must detect somehow the displays capability. The EDID standard makes it possible the EDID standard.

My task was to develop the firmware of a 6x2 video matrix. It supports on its inputs and outputs the HDMI interface, the EDID standard and you can connect to remote displays with HDBaseT.

As the first part of my task, I reviewed the listed standards. I implemented the software according to them. I needed to control ASIC circuits, which handles the HDMI, HDBaseT and audio stream. An HDMI port processor, manufactured by Silicon Image, plays the most important rule in the system. I implemented the control software, and I finished the developing process with a testing phase.


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