802.11 WLAN based indoor positioning

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

This paper was created, to investigate, what kind of possibility can be found in the field of indoor positioning. Positioning was always a popular topic. Usually, if positioning comes to mind, people mostly think about outdoor positioning with GPS. This fact makes the subject just more interesting.

Let’s play with the thought and think about it, why would it be useful, if we would know where things are in a building. First, let’s look at the most common example, the navigation in big buildings. The fast and accurate navigation in a shopping centers, bus or railway stations, and warehouses could be valuable in itself. We can imagine a workplace, where everybody knows, where their colleagues are. Location based information has a great potential. Think about a museum, where we can listen to the description of the show-piece that we stand in front of or a dating service in community centers. We could mark places, to find them again or to share interesting places in communities. Location based services has limitless possibilities.

In this paper I would like to talk about the technologies of indoor positioning. But technologies, without the methods of using them, are meaningless. I have researched these technologies and methods, and organized them. The result of this work was, that I could choose the best way to create my own indoor positioning system (IPS), a WiFi based application using fingerprint method.

I examined other IPS applications and wrote short descriptions about them. To prove the theories and ideas, that emerged during the work, I created a number of mobile positioning applications. I had a goal before I started the work, I would like to create my own IPS application that reaches the room accuracy and requires only a minimal infrastructural investment. I achieved my objective, what I could prove with the test system and the measurements.


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