Investigation of the conducted disturbances occurring in the 2-150 kHz frequency range in the point of view of smart metering and PLC communication

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Dr. Varjú György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The purpose of the thesis is the examination conducted disturbances that can be found in the low voltage electrical network regarding to PLC communications. After the smartmetering overview I examen the smart grid.

I summerize briefly the disturbances in the 2 - 150kHz frequency range, investigate the main sources for them with the help of ITU -T documents.

I developed measuring setup to measure and process the data for conducted disturbances.I developed batch matlab processes, so that measurements can be analyzed rapidly. I made measurements o the low-voltage networks. In order to get the highest accuracy I went on to measureme on a number of different locations. The

majority of the test equipment can be easily found in households. I compare the results with the initial expectations .

It turned out that the investigation of disturbances requires interdisciplinary knowledge. The PLC technology despite of its critics provides a real opportunity in case

of network wide smart meter implementation, if network analysis predates rollout.


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