New software platform design for the BME FRT team

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

For my thesis I implemented a software platform used in the race car made by BME Formula Racing Team for season 2014-2015. The team develops multiple electric control units (ECU) along with their unique software logic. From 2015 new type of microcontrollers are used. To make software development easier I implemented a new software platform which allows the creation of microcontroller independent control logic. Colleagues only need to implement ECU logic, and microcontroller hardware management is done in the platform. In a team made up of people with different type of expertise this method only requires microcontroller specific knowledge from me. Colleagues only need to focus on the implementation of their own modules’ control logic which works according to the needs of the whole electronic system.

I created a basic software platform during the implementation of this task which works with two microcontrollers made by different manufacturers and handles high level periphery management. In addition I developed the software for one of the ECU’s and I will use it to demonstrate the usage of the platform.


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