Testing of BOSCH Body Computers by EMC scanning

OData support
Dr. Orosz György
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Electromagnetic compatibility problems typically arise during development of automotive electronics. Solution of these kinds of problems consists of

three steps: identification of the source, design review, and repetitive test measurements. The emitted field of any electrical control unit has to comply

with the customer requirements and the automotive electromagnetic compatibility standards. EMC measurements are time-consuming and require special

tools and specific knowledge. Scope of this thesis is to present a development method which provides an adequate starting-point to find electromagnetic interference sources. The proposed method does not substitute the standard-wise performed measurement, but it can help with finding the emitting sources.

A near-field measurement setup is introduced, which can perform electromagnetic emission measurements of electrical devices. Using the recorded emission data and a standardized description of the actual layout, it is possible to determine sources of emission. This document presents a particular measurement setup and a Labview-based application, which is capable of finding problematic parts regarding electromagnetic compatibility.


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