COPI - Implement location-based social network application on platform Windows Phone 7

OData support
Madari István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The increased abilities of mobile devices paired with the spreading of social networking applications, created the demand that users be able to access their social network account using their devices. That was followed by the decreased price of wireless network usage. So, instead of implementing clients of mobile devices for the big social networks simply, developers started using the possibilities provided by these devices. New location based services were introduced using location data available in these smart devices.

The purpose of this thesis is to create and implement a system onto the Windows Phone 7 platform, which provide functionality like ones in the popular social network applications. And also take advantage of the GPS module of the mobile device. Meaning that users of the social network share location based information. The implementation was carried out in the project COPI (Context Of Personal Interest) of the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics.

The application communicates with the server side through the COPI API. After registration, users are able to login, then search for friends, send them friend requests. Naturally, users also receive friend requests, which the user can accept or refuse. Navigating to the map of the application, the location of the user is shown in the center of the map. POIs (point of interests) are also shown here. The user is able to create his own POIs too. (e.g.: college, club, etc.) The user can set the base information for the POI like address, name but, also able to set visibility of POI, which means the following options: user share its POI with everyone, friend or just some of them. Thus the user can create event POIs. A voting system has also been included, which gives the chance of feedback for other’s POIs. Voting system can help new users to decide the relevance of either a POI or a tag of a POI. In POI handling, GPS module of the device plays a great part. Friends can also send text messages to each other.

COPI application exists on Android, JAVA ME, Symbian, and Maemo platform earlier. The question is rightful to implement COPI on Windows Phone 7 platform too. This is very close to real life situations. For social network apps with great number of users, it is a must have to be available on most of platforms.


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