Implementing location-based social network application for Windows Phone 7

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Madari István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, smartphones conquer bigger and bigger parts of the cellphone market. Several companies aim to prevail on the market. Some of the old leaders have lost their strong positions and some others have grown stronger. The situation today also shows that even the software giant Microsoft has fallen behind on this field. They tried to change this, when they announced their new operating system, called Windows Phone 7. They entered a new path two years ago, which according to many people including myself was a good decision. The results will probably be shown in the near future.

I have received the task to design and implement an application which would be unique among others on this new platform. I introduce the specifics, and the effects of it, involved in the planning and developing work, in this paper.

The application is built up on popular trends, such as social network services and localization. People like establishing relations between each other. For satisfying this, the use of mobile phones is a natural part of our lives. As technology makes it possible to localize a cellphone, it can also implicitly identify the localization of its owners. There is no better platform than smartphones for developing such an application like this. The purpose of the application is to keep contact with others, in the case where the localization of the user is more important than the identity.


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