Evaluation of DC Power Distribution Options

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Dr. Raisz Dávid Márk
Department of Electric Power Engineering

I have chosen the topic „Evaluation of DC Power Distribution Options” for my project-laboratory and also for my thesis, because I am very interested in renewable energy sources in electric power engineering. With the rising demand for alternative energy sources DC power distribution can become a feasible alternative to AC distribution.

The topic got into discussion again in the past few decades, therefore I wanted to get know this topic closer. My task was in the last two semesters to get to know if it is worth to replace the entire AC system with DC system, or to use them simultaneously, or to build up a new DC system in few fields. I had to review advantages and disadvantages of various solutions.

I read in the beginning of the semester the literature of the DC topic. Later during the investigation of the literature, I systematized the knowledge of DC distribution. I looked into the possible uses of the high-, medium-, and low-voltage DC systems. Then considering the benefits, and disadvantages of DC distribution I investigated the possible realization of a low-voltage DC house. I investigated several options:

• replacement of the entire AC system,

• a hybrid AC-DC system, where some consumers are connected to the AC line, and the rest of the consumers to the DC line,

• a double-DC system, where there are two different low-voltage DC lines.

I compared the investments costs and the losses of the AC, with the double DC and the hybrid DC systems. Then I investigated the realization of the above mentioned systems with solar cells, and without solar cells too.

During the semester I could look into the realization of direct current systems. I got acquainted with the topic extensively, so I can proceed with this topic in the master program.


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