Some Specific Enviromental Issues Caused by the Dunamenti Power Station

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The topic of my thesis is the examination of the single atmospheric questions of environment pollution being attached to Dunamenti Erőmű function. I present the role of the power station in the heat supply of this area and in the electricity generation in Hungary.

Then I deal with the examination of the emitted burn products, taking into consideration the change of the fossil combustibles which were used. Presentation of the formation conditions and the technologies that reduce the emission on the base of the undermentioned pollutants: SO2, NOx, firm (PM10, PM2,5), CO, CH4, heavy metal, POP.

In the next unit I compare the regulations of law, and the emission limit values, with the quantities emitted by the power station. Then I value its developments made in the interest of the environment protection and its modernisations.

In a separate chapter I present the changes of the quality of the air in the aerea of the power station, with the help of a theoretical model and simulation calculations.

Then I analyse, what kind of effect a new gas turbine unit will have on the atmospheric emissions, in view of the fact that the new block, in case of a basis service, will totally replace the block that was in function until now.


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