Comparing GWT and Angular frameworks through developing a responsive web application

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, in most fields the web applications are replacing solutions with the desktop applications. As a result of the explosive development experienced in recent years, today many features are feasible in the browser world. Previously these features were only available in native desktop applications. The application development has taken a new direction and often it is not an easy question when designing a system to determine whether a web application suits your needs.

With the development of web applications, newer tools and frameworks have been developed to make the development of these applications faster, easier, and the final product more robust, secure, and further developed.

In my thesis, I highlight two of the several front-end frameworks that I present and use through a simplified insurance application. In my thesis, I first introduce the application and its design work created with the help of the GWT, then the Angular framework, using various diagrams and examples. I particularly highlight the solutions that are specific to a framework and have greatly contributed to the development.

After the designing part, I will discuss some details of the implementation, which will show you what additional tools I have used to develop the applications and what methods I had to test them. In this chapter, I also provide screenshots of the applications.

At the end of my thesis, I compare the two frameworks from aspects such as the difficulty of development, documentation and support for the technology or maintaining the applications in production environment. Finally, as a prospect for the future, I will finish my thesis by presenting opportunities for further improvement.


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