The structure of HVDC transmission

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Polgári Beáta
Department of Electric Power Engineering

During their one century of history the electric power systems evolved into their present image, three-phase alternating current synchronous systems internationally connected into electric grids. However in case of sea delimited countries or in case of asynchronous systems this kind of connection cannot be implemented simply. To ensure the continuous energy flow between the systems requires the integration of High Voltage Direct Current transmission, HVDC, into the already existing alternating current systems. Besides the premised the technology means a solution for the large scale switch to renewable energies, also for the imbalance in energy caused by their intermittent production rate and also for long distance power transmissions. And such evolving transmission systems consisting of AC and DC parts are easier to controll, its operation is more reliable and also more economical.

In my thesis I deal with the HVDC topic. The aim of the thesis is to model and simulate of an HVDC system. The first part discusses the structure and the operation of an HVDC system, then in the second part I attempt to realize it with DIgSILENT Power Factory digital simulator.


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