Examination of electrical system of Hotel Kristaly

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Dr. Ladányi József
Department of Electric Power Engineering

I will analyze the electrical system of Hotel Crystal on the basis of two aspect in my thesis.

After a preliminary which introduces the specialties of building-electricity in a few words I will examine the electrical system from the view-point of modernity and efficiency. In the few past years the hotel was reconstructed and developed significantly. The entire electrical system was renewed, modern heat-pump system has been built, and the building was expanded with a new wing and a wellness section. The electric power consumption is greatly increased, like the demand of reactive power as well, which is due to the installation of high-performance electric motors. To reduce the additional costs which are caused by these I will examine the possibility the compensation of reactive power and the installation of a solar power system. With the involvement of experts an offer/price estimate will be made for their implementation.

In the second part of my thesis I will examine the compliance of the electrical system with the standards. I will introduce the major methods of the protection against electrical shock through the standards. Through the creating of my thesis I completed the verification of the protection against electrical shock on the side of a authorized electrical engineer, I made the measurement report. After the introduction of the theoretical theme I will summarize the failures and irregularities experienced by the measurement, than I give suggestions to solve these problems.


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