Design of the lightning protection of the Kiscelli castle

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering


This thesis deals with the lightning protection design of the Kiscelli residence Óbuda.

Lightning protection is very important nowadays because of the frequent thunderstorms.

Installation of lightning protection system, we can protect our buildings, also people and goods in the buildings, against the lightning flash and the flash’s effect.

In the thesis, first I review the development of the lightning flash, then I deal with the parts of IEC 62305 standard, which are necessary to design the external lightning protection.

In the course of risk assessment I do a calculation with the building’s data, which determines what kind of protection measures need to install to decrease the risk to the tolerable level.

In the part of external lightning protection components, I review the requirements about the air-terminations, down-conductors and earth-terminations.

After the exposition of standards, I do the risk assessment and some calculations about the external lightning protection components, finally I show a possible composition.

Last I present several differences between the old Hungarian standard (MSZ 274) and the new IEC 62305 standard.


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