Multifactorial modelling of processes in Li-ion Batteries

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The rapid develupments in the fiel of electrochemistry, enabled ltihium-ion batteries to achieve a very good position among all the toher types idof energy storage deveices. Therefore they became an essential component in most of modern portable and stationary energy storage applicatios, where the specific energy and the life time play an important role

In my degree I have carried out research on topic of lithium-ion battery pack. At the beginning of semester I have measured different type of Li-ion batteris with predetermined method. I have analyzd the measurement results and the correlations. I have measured 2 different type of Li-ion batteries summary 4 batteries. by the measurement of batteries helped Dr Istvan Erdei and in evaluation of values helped Dr Laszlo Redey

At the end of semester, I have examined the possibility of modelling in Comsol Multiphisics Software especially Battery Interface.

In future I would like to continue to resarch the connexion between electorchemistry process and the measured voltage values.


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