Implementation of the Logsys software environment with platform independent technologies

OData support
Wacha Gábor József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In university laboratory work and research FPGAs are used, which need to be configured with the user-written program. The device that achieves this is the Logsys Development Cable which connects to a PC through its Universal Serial Bus and the FPGA through a JTAG interface.

The goal of this thesis was to provide a Linux-compatible software that manages the USB device and handles the upload. There already exists a program that manages this device, however it is written in C# with the use of .NET, therefore unsuitable to be run in a UNIX-based environment.

For this, a cross-platform framework and programming language needed to be picked, and the basic functionalities of the original project’s Logsys GUI had to be implemented.

Using these technologies I have successfully written a program which is capable of uploading SVF files to FPGAs through a JTAG interface, and I tested this process. The current software is capable of fulfilling the basic FPGA programming needs of Linux users.

The first half of this thesis provides a brief overview of the technologies and protocols used for the upload process, while introducing the Logsys Development Cable, and the second half provides some insight into the inner workings of the developed software.


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