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Dr. Györe Attila
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nitrogénművek Plc. is the only producer of nitrogen fertilizer in Hungary. The various technological processes – needed for the production of fertilizer – require the utilization and production of a significant amount of steam, exists a so-called steam-equilibrium. Multiple steam-pressure systems operate at the company, out of which one is the 40/14 bar steam-system, where currently the pressure-reduction is solved by an extension valve. To replace this system, the company is planning to install a steam turbine-generator unit.

The purpose of my thesis is to examine this compound, and to examine the expected effects of the compound on the existing electricity system. In the beginning of my thesis I provide an overlook on the general operation and structure of steam turbines and synchronous machines. Furthermore, I present the designing aspects, the consideration of which is necessary concerning a project like this. I show the current electricity system of Nitrogénművek Plc., particularly considering the placement of the planned turbine-generator unit. I show the appliances and methods that are crucial – considering security issues – for the fool-proof operation of the generator. In the end of the thesis, I conduct a fault-calculation for the electric system, the aim of which is to be sure, whether the current operating circuit breakers can handle the overload that will derive from the new generator.


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