Implementation and Evaulation of ROHC Header Compression in the Click Modular Router Platform

OData support
Németh Felicián Bálint
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Header compression is an important problem in multimedia data transmission and the mobile phone environment. In case of these applications it is important that the header information accounts for as small part of the packet as possible. The overhead is even greater in case of IPv6. The overhead is more significant in audio transmission because of the small size of those packets, therefore the headerfields of transmission protocols can be larger than the encoded sound.

I got acquainted with several header compression methods standardized by the IETF, e.g., the RFC2507 and the ROHC algorithms. It is difficult to implemant these in different transmission systems, but it can be facilitated through the modular Click framework, which allows easy creation, this is why I created the compression process in this framework. I compared the created module to a module already existing in Click (RFC2507), for this I used test environment developed on a virtual machine.

During the test I compared the bandwidth and the delay of the two modules.


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